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The Crown- Tim Bulmer 1000 Jigsaw Puzzle

The Crown- Tim Bulmer 1000 Jigsaw Puzzle


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Mad about Monarchs? Discover Tim Bulmer's 'The Crown' Jigsaw Puzzle.

A cracking Coronation and right royal jigsaw puzzle.

Learn all about our historic heirs and monarchs in this resplendent royal jigsaw puzzle, illustrated by the incredibly talented Tim Bulmer. From Edward the Confessor in 1042 right up to King Charles III, discover all the royals who reigned and fascinating facts about them. Did you know that King Steven (1135-1154) had a cousin called Matilda, who made his life a misery after being promised the throne? Or that the Three Lions Emblem (Royal Arms of England) is in fact three leopards that represent England, Normandy and Aquitaine? Take a look at the history of all the kings and queens who reigned in this tremendous Tim Bulmer royal jigsaw puzzle.

Tim Bulmer is a talented artist from the UK, known for this witty and humorous artwork and for not taking life too seriously! His artwork truly reflects his light-hearted attitude, and his fantastic designs will leave you highly amused. 

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