About Butler & Hill

Welcome to Butler and Hill

You may not have heard of us before but we are part of company founded nearly 40 years ago by Ronnie Butler and Roger Hill. They've been finding and creating great products for years and have lost none of their passion. This passion runs through the Butler and Hill team today, alongside excellent customer service and our devotion to creating beautiful items for all our customers . 

Gifts with a Personal Touch

Giving a gift should be special and personal. We firmly believe that a true gift is personal to the recipient. It should be reflective of their personality and how much you care about them. We hand-make most of the products ourselves in our workshop in Devon. If you choose to give a gift from our range to a young couple on their wedding day or to your Mum on Mother's day, we understand that we have a responsibility to get it right. If you have chosen to personalise a gift from the Butler and Hill range, the gift must be for a special someone and we have to take the same care and attention that you think that person deserves. That is extremely important to us and we want to achieve that with every item we make. 

Why Butler and Hill?

We genuinely care about the items we sell.  We have to - if you trust us with a gift for a loved one - we have a responsibility to care as much as you do. Also we've been doing this for quite a while - we've been around for nearly 40 years. We use all the experience we gained from developing and creating products our customers love and put them into every single item we make or buy.