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Daily Mail Newspaper Jigsaw Puzzle

Daily Mail Newspaper Jigsaw Puzzle


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Find out what was happening on any date between 1939 and the present day with this fantastic Daily Mail front page newspaper jigsaw puzzle!

Simply choose any date between 1939 and the present day and we will create a jigsaw puzzle featuring the front page of the Daily Mail from that day.

If you would like a date prior to 1939 (stemming back to 1896), you will not see a normal front page as we know them today, as prior to this time, the front page was full of classified ads (which is fascinating too!)

What in the world was happening on that special day? Simply choose a date and you will be 400 pieces away from finding out!

An ideal and prestigious gift for any special date or event: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements.

Choose from a Cardboard or a Wooden Jigsaw

For an extra special personalised gift, give someone special a superb, heirloom quality 300-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. These individually handcrafted jigsaw puzzles are made using 3mm thick wood and each jigsaw contains a special newspaper shaped piece in the centre, called a "whimsie".Victorian craftsmen, who invented the jigsaw concept during the 19th century cut unusually shaped pieces "on a whim", which is why these unique shaped pieces are named Whimsies. Your unique puzzle arrives in a stylish drawstring pouch presented in a handsome storage "book box". Delight and impress with this highly original and distinguished gift ensuring hours of pleasure and enjoyment for many years (and generations) to come.

  • Completed 400-piece cardboard jigsaw measures 32 x 47cm
  • Completed 300-piece wooden jigsaw measures 32 x 47cm

Made using either 1.5mm millboard or 3mm wood, these superb jigsaws are hand-finished by our expert craftsmen.

To help complete each puzzle, a full size guide image of the front cover is included.

Important information to note before ordering:

  • Sunday editions of the Daily Mail are not currently available, so if your date falls on a Sunday, please choose an alternative date.
  • 25th December not available for any year.
  • Choose any date from 1896 to the present day.
  • Any date prior to 1939 will feature classified ads and will not feature a front page as you would see today.
  • Front pages only available from 1939 to the present day.
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