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Aerial 255 or 400 Piece Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Aerial 255 or 400 Piece Map Jigsaw Puzzle


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Home is where the heart is, so why not put a place you love at the heart of a map jigsaw puzzle?

Your map jigsaw is completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centrepiece based on the special address in your life.

Simply give us the address and postcode of the property you'd like at the centre of your map jigsaw puzzle. The result? An engrossing puzzle that will test your local knowledge to the full! A free guide print of your map is included.

Choose our Aerial Map base for any location in England or Wales.

The completed 400-piece puzzle measures 32 * 47cm.

Aerial Photography (1:3,650) - Shows an area of 1 mile east to west and 0.7 miles north to south for the 400-piece jigsaw. Covers England & Wales only, excludes Northern and southern Ireland.

Check out our video below to see our Best-selling aerial map jigsaw puzzle.


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