Statement for Butler and Hill - Covid-19

11th June Update

We are a small business based in the heart of Devon. We employ 30 staff who are our absolute priority. Everyone is healthy and keeping them and their loved ones safe and well is always front of mind. We also want to keep trading for as long as possible as we have seen an increase in the number of jigsaw puzzle orders coming through. We know that this is because jigsaw puzzles are a great activity to do at home. It gets you away from your screens and keeps the mind occupied and thinking about something else other than the news!

On the 24th March 2020, we decided to temporarily suspend taking any new orders to ensure we could fulfil the high volume of orders we received while keeping our staff as safe as possible.

We are now accepting orders again on our personalised map jigsaw puzzles. This applies to our cardboard jigsaw puzzles only, as we cannot make wooden jigsaw puzzles at this time. We are also open for wall planners and framed gifts! We may take a little longer than you are used to deliver your orders but please be patient as we fulfil the huge number of orders coming through with a small warehouse team.

We will continue to keep you updated on our social media and through our emails. You can sign up to our email at the bottom of the page.

In these troubling times, myself and everyone at Butler and Hill want you all to stay safe and healthy wherever you are. We're aware that indoor hobbies like board games, jigsaw puzzles and colouring are already helping so many people keep spirits high, but we would also love it if everyone at home kept in touch with us and each other. Isolation is a challenge for even the healthiest of people, so it's important for you all to chat, share your tricks for staying entertained and keep each other happy! So do come on over to our Facebook page, where we will be having a chat and talking about our favourite things to do.

Be kind, be helpful and share a smile however you know how.

Best wishes


Cynthia Yeoh

Marketing Director

Map Marketing t/a Butler and Hill