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Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle Game
  • NEW Jigsaw Puzzle Map Game, Hometown!
  • Personalised on your address of choice!
  • Play with friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues!
  • Perfect for 4 players, ages 10 and up!
  • Fantastic gift or a great addition to your board game collection!
  • Competition closes 30th November 2018 at 12PM

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What is the Hometown Puzzle Jigsaw Game?

Hometown! A fun and highly entertaining map jigsaw puzzle game of strategy and skill, that will bring out your competitive side.

Outwit your fellow players in a race to be the first to complete your puzzle and shout ‘Hometown!’. Even better, the map is personalised on your address of choice! You will love finding well known roads and landmarks whilst you work your way through the game.

Start with 25 random puzzle pieces and work your way to the finish line by getting all the correct pieces for your puzzle before anyone else! Pick out a piece from the bag when it’s your turn and decide what to do from there… will it fit your puzzle? If it doesn’t, then what? Will you simply bide your time by placing it back in the bag and await your next go? OR, will you decide to use one of the wild pieces to help you get a piece you need…

Stop your fellow players in their tracks by using your wildcard pieces. Depending on what pieces you have chosen at luck, you can make others miss a go or rotate the order of play. Swap a piece with a fellow player to gain a piece that you need or have another go! There’s even a special golden puzzle piece that will certainly put a spanner in the works! Play the game to find out what it is!

If you’re lucky, you’ll pull out some excellent wild puzzle pieces at the start of the game when choosing your 25 pieces at random from the bag – how you use them is a different question! If you use them wisely, you could be first one home!

Hometown is perfect for 4 players, ages 10 and up. Play it with friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues; take it on holiday or crack it out at Christmas. This exciting game will provide hours of entertainment and will unleash your competitive side!

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